User Definition Attributes

The User Definition is owned, created and managed by the single User, not the UXP Identity owner / creator.

Machine User Definition

A machine User Definition is an automated process creating the following attributes:

  • Configuration
  • Location information
  • Device details
  • Private set of Challenge Pairs (Prompt/Responses)

Human User Definition

A human User Definition consists of the following attributes:

  • Public username
  • Formal name
  • Email
  • Expiration date
  • Private set of Challenge Pairs (Prompt/Responses)

Each User Definition includes a set of Challenge Pairs. For a machine or process User Definition, the Challenge Pairs are automatically generated. However, for a human User Definition, the Challenge Pairs are manually created by the individual User.

User Definition XML Creation Methods

Creating a User Definition occurs using any of the following methods:

  • Sertainty ID Editor
  • Sertainty UXL Scripting
  • Custom application

Sertainty ID Editor Utility

The ID Editor is a desktop utility in the Desktop Assistant included in the Developer SDK kit. The Editor is primarily targeted to support the human UXP Identity.

The ID Editor is a utility for creating and managing human UXP Identities and User Definitions. Each individual User has a copy of the utility.

The Challenge Pairs set is a component of a User Definition. For the human UXP Identity, the Challenge Pairs are manually created within the User Management area in the ID Editor.

Additionally in the ID Editor, other capabilities exist. A few are listed below:

  • Access and mitigation policy management
  • UXP Identity file (*.iic) generation
  • UXP Object construction from a UXP Identity

Sertainty UXL Scripting

The Sertainty UXL Scripting is a command-line scripting utility. Using UXL Scripting, scripts can be written to create the User Definition XML, ID Definition XML and UXP Identity.

The written scripts can be utilized with a custom user interface or at command line.

Custom Application

Using the UXP APIs alone or along with UXL Scripting, a custom implementation to create the User Definition XML, ID Definition XML and UXP Identity can be designed.