Data Privacy That’s No Secret

The Sertainty Data Privacy Platform does away with the unsustainable, indirect approaches to data privacy of the past. It instead puts data in charge of its own destiny.

Privacy is worth defending at every level – including within the data itself.

Send your data to the dojo and empower your data to act for itself by denying access, alerting the owner or other pre-defined actions so data privacy isn’t lost when traditional measures like application, network and infrastructure security fail.

  • Application defense and data defense are independent from network security. 
  • Encryption keys are cloaked, stored and utilized inside the data file and are never passed, exposed or managed externally. Key usage and attack mitigation are controlled and managed by the embedded intelligence. 
  • Unique keys are dynamically created and managed for portions of the data – enabling protection of the data even while in process.

The Sertainty Data Privacy Platform starts with Zero Trust.

The Sertainty Data Privacy Platform empowers data to never trust and continually verify. Accessibility by a rightful user is seamless and transparent, but accessibility by the illegitimate user is subject to real time mitigating actions. With Sertainty, privacy fights back.

  • The data-layer zero trust architecture works in conjunction with – but independent of – the infrastructure security.
  • The embedded Intelligence Module utilizes self-protecting user identities. 
  • The embedded intelligence module uses these digital identities to control and mitigate access attempts to private data-file information in real-time, whether in-network or out-of-network.

Beyond your reach doesn’t mean beyond your control.

Build privacy intelligence into the data for end-to-end self-governance, creating policies that govern where and how it may be accessed, by whom and what actions should be taken. Because sharing data shouldn’t mean giving up control and compromising privacy.

  • Centralize data privacy compliance within your data.
  • Embedded policies can be based on time, environment and actions.  
  • Policy enforcement and attack mitigation at the data-layer ensures the rules you must follow are followed by your data.
  • Self-mitigating actions include: providing access only to a subset of information, denying access, alerting the designated data owner or other authorities, requiring access permission from an external authority, programable responses to code tampering.

Know everything your data has been up to.

Sertainty Self-Aware Data enables you to track everything about your data – from ownership to where it is and where it’s been – managed in protected event logs that prove data privacy is more than a promise. 

  • Establish trust in your data through a record of ownership.
  • Create irrefutable event logs so data privacy isn’t merely promised. It’s proven.
  • Your private information along with the event logs are tamper-resistant, meaning absolute confidence in your data.

“With the traditional perimeter now dissolving, enterprise IT experts must take data security much more seriously. The Sertainty team understands this evolution and offers a world class software solution that is worth a closer look by all cyber security teams.”

- Dr. Edward Amoroso

CEO, Tag Cyber

Press for Sertainty

Sertainty Unbreakable eXchange Protocol (UXP) Technology has received a VL5, with a 100% score from a Veracode security assessment enforcing the strictest available policy level. See why the Sertainty technology is so important in today’s data-centric world.

Industry Outcomes

Mitigating Risk with Privacy Engineering and Regulation Compliance

Sertainty enables data privacy that financial, healthcare, legal and insurance organizations can bank on, providing tracking, compliance, security and governance all in the data itself. With the Sertainty Data Privacy Platform, leverage Zero Trust for a sustainable approach to data privacy.

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Maintaining Control of Digital Assets 

The Sertainty Data Privacy Platform enables communications, media and entertainment enterprises to centrally protect media catalogs and other digital assets. Sertainty self-tracking, authentication and end-to-end governance cover the entire life cycle of a digital asset, from creation and copyright protection to registration and royalties administration. 

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Securing IP and Sensitive Data  

Sertainty Federal Systems provides the DoD and its Defense Industrial Base with game changing technology that completely and permanently denies adversaries the ability to use our data against US interests. The DoD and federal government can now dictate how, when, where and who uses their data without any additional defense infrastructure. Sertainty files can be transported on secured or unsecured comms channels – regardless of the transmission protocols.  The data owner retains control of their valuable information, end to end to end, throughout the supply chain, denying the loss of program, weapons and personnel data.

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