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THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM Data is essentially inert and passive, lacking an inherent ability to either control its own fate […]

Retired Major General Wayne Brock Joins Sertainty Advisory Board

Nashville, TN – Greg Taylor, CEO and President of Sertainty Corporation, is proud to announce an addition to their prestigious Advisory […]

Sertainty Leads Telehealth, Compliance and Cyber Security Panels at Global Opal Group Conference

Nashville, TN– Sertainty Corporation, a Nashville-based technology company specializing in embedding intelligence into data-files, is honored to lead and participate […]

A War is Raging…

A war is raging for cybersecurity talent. Both the government and the private sector are scrambling for talent. Thousands of […]

The Best Defense: A Proactive Security Strategy

The cost of defending cyber-attacks continues to escalate due to companies maintaining a Defense-in-Depth strategy – the Perimeter – which […]

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