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Sertainty Releases Workflow Tool to Beta Partners

Nashville, TN – Greg Taylor, CEO and President of Sertainty Corporation, announced today a limited release of the Sertainty Workflow Tool […]

Sertainty Named as 2019 Tag Cyber Distinguished Vendor

Nashville, TN – Sertainty is proud to announce its designation as a Distinguished Vendor in the 2019 TAG Cyber Security […]

How Sertainty Advances DRM Technology

Just like Sertainty, today’s advanced DRM solutions allow data owners to create and encrypt files and apply various governance rules.  […]

Mirada Media, a Partnership Between Sertainty and Music Pub Works

Nashville, TN – Greg Taylor, CEO and President of Sertainty Corporation, announced a new partnership with Music Pub Works, thrusting Data: Empowered technology […]

Data Security Innovation

Data security requires innovation, not legislation. While information protection levels vary by industry and within industry wildly, legislation standards will […]

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