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AI-Powered Cybersecurity for Home and Business

Guard Dog Solutions Inc

GuardDog.ai is a software service that simplifies cybersecurity management with AI-powered autonomous detection and response technology. The solution is designed to make advanced cybersecurity accessible for small, mid-market, and distributed organizations without complexity. It can be easily deployed on hardware, in virtualized environments, embedded systems, and more, offering automatic protection at the network level. Hidden threats to networks and devices are made visible and instantly terminated with intelligent countermeasures, and detected vulnerabilities are exposed. Management of the service, incident and severity level reporting, and access to additional advanced features are accessed through a cloud-based security operations dashboard.

Critical Communications Management Platform

Transformations, Inc.

Transformations, Inc. is a technology provider to the transaction processing industry. Their Uluro® B2B-B2C application is used by financial, healthcare and government institutions to create and deliver transactional and/or regulated information (in the form of bank statements, explanation of benefits, invoices, payments, etc.) to its patrons. TI is first to implement end-to-end, persistent protection without compromising performance or privacy.

Content & Media Management Platform

Mirada Media

Mirada Media offers a one stop shop for media catalog management. Their cloud based, software as a service technology makes it easy and cost effective to manage digital content and related licenses. Currently, this is a song-centric, all-in-one workflow solution – for the entire life cycle of a song – to provide a centralized repository for creation, protection (copyright), exploitation, registration and royalties administration.

User-to-User Document Security

SmartEye Technology

Smart Eye Technology is a new all-in-one biometric-based platform combining secure file sharing, screen privacy, identity-verified e-signatures, and real-time file access monitoring and data governance. Smart Eye uses multi-factor and continuous biometric authentication with the Sertainty UXP Technology to give companies complete control over the sensitive business information they need to share to run their business.


Sertainty Federal Systems

Sertainty Federal Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sertainty Corporation, is dedicated to providing federal customers the ability to secure information and messaging platforms with the Sertainty UXP Technology to prevent the loss of government owned personal and intellectual data through theft and espionage.

Industry Partners

Distinguished Vendor

Tag Cyber

Sertainty is proud to have been named a distinguished vendor by TAG Cyber for 2021.

This accolade is validation that Sertainty is part of an industry collective supporting democratization of cyber security research and advisory materials. Distinguished vendors are selected by the TAG Cyber Analyst team, led by Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber.


CIEDAR - Texas State University

CIEDAR is a new research and development marketplace for Texas State University, operating under the MARC. It serves as the transdisciplinary study of technologies with application to infrastructure, collaborating with multiple industry partners to establish 14 living labs across 800 acres with a focus on nine verticals to accelerate digitalization, decentralization, and decarbonization of industry via their own Technology Enhanced Infrastructure (TEI) framework. The areas of focus for CIEDAR include:

  • Smart utilities
  • Smart buildings
  • Smart water/wastewater
  • Smart cities
  • Smart mobility
  • Networks
  • Sensors
  • Data/software and more

CIEDAR aims to help cities and utilities with their technological wish lists and create new best practices of how they go about running their businesses every day. The living labs are designed to help cities and utilities get ahead of the curve and learn how to manage these things, how to change their processes, and create new best practices.

Greater Nashville Technology Council

The Greater Nashville Technology Council is the catalyst for creating America’s premiere collaborative and inclusive tech community.

The NTC is the leading voice and advocate for Middle Tennessee’s $8 billion information technology ecosystem; and the 60,000 technology professionals who design, implement, manage, and safeguard the technology that powers our region’s economy.

The NTC mission is to lead greater Nashville into the world that is becoming.

Certified Sertainty Developer

ChampSoft IT Solutions

Founded in 2010, ChampSoft provides high quality consulting, solutions building, mobile application development, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and systems integration services to help clients/companies improve performance in Financial, Healthcare, HR, Payments, Supply chain, Agriculture and Retail industries. Their technology services span a wide range of offerings from front-end strategy and planning, to design and build, to implementation, to back-end operational support. Their Unique blend of onshore & offshore services provides affordable solutions native to your geographic region’s rules, regulations and specifications. ChampSoft is also ISO 9001 certified.

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