Data as we know it
has been a passive, defenseless participant in systems that are inherently vulnerable
…until now.

Sertainty gives you the ability to create Empowered Data – that self-protects, self-monitors, and self-mitigates, transforming your approach to security and data’s ultimate role in your enterprise.

Security Within the Data

Security can no longer rely solely on complicated perimeters.

Empowered Data uses AI to implement a zero trust architecture within the data and free it from needing external applications, networks, or operating systems to keep it secure.

When threats are made against Empowered Data, it will maintain control and enforce the rules established for it, remaining inaccessible to unauthorized parties — even outside your network.

Protected Digital Identities (PDI)

Complex password and encryption key management is no longer a sustainable practice.

Empowered Data utilizes the innovative, embedded PDI to assure both the intended users and the creator are authentic and legitimate.

Human error is often the culprit of breaches and that is why the PDI radically improves security standards for user access. Leveraging personal associations that would only make sense to its owner, prompt and responses are entirely custom to the individual. Every Empowered Data file carries unique algorithms that randomly generates multi-factor, multi-vector authentication routines.

Auditing & Reporting

Knowing how data is used is critical for content creators who distribute intellectual property.

Empowered Data can collect and transmit details like who has accessed it, how many times, specific changes made, and more.

The embedded event logs cannot be edited, making them a powerful resource for legal entities and businesses needing to track, verify, and monetize specific events and behaviors.