Data that Defends Your Privacy

Privacy is worth defending at every level. So why don't we? Send your data to the dojo and empower your data to act for itself by denying access, alerting the owner or other pre-defined actions so data privacy isn’t lost when traditional measures like application, network and infrastructure security fail.

Data that Authenticates Your User

Privacy with Sertainty starts with Zero Trust. The Sertainty UXP Technology empowers data to never trust and always to verify. Accessibility by a rightful user is seamless and transparent, but accessibility by the illegitimate user is subject to real time mitigating actions.

Data that Enforces Your Rules

Beyond your reach doesn’t mean beyond your control. Sertainty End-to-End Self-Governance builds privacy intelligence into the data, so you can create policies that govern where and how it may be accessed, by whom and what actions should be taken. Because sharing data shouldn’t mean giving up control and compromising privacy.

Data that Tracks Itself

Know everything your data has been up to. Sertainty Self-Aware Data enables you to track everything about your data – from ownership to where it is and where it’s been – all in tamper-resistant event logs that prove data privacy is more than a promise.

Why Sertainty

Sertainty solves the challenge of data privacy by enabling Development teams implementing DevSecOps concepts to put data in charge of its own destiny. Sertainty enables data to defend, govern and track itself. We allow teams to create and use data that is self-protecting, mitigating risks in real-time and on a continuum. Our DevSecOps tools make data self-authenticating to enable Zero Trust, ensuring not only the right users access your data but also that the data itself can be trusted. With Sertainty, teams can make data end-to-end self-governing – it enforces the policies you set for it. And we enable data to be self-tracking – it creates the irrefutable event logs needed to prove data privacy. 

With Sertainty, intelligent data can create a competitive differentiator with customers and regulators who want more than promises about data privacy. You can establish and retain customer trust with data privacy you can promise and data privacy you can prove.

“It’s very difficult to come up with products that change markets, but [the Sertainty Data Privacy Platform] does just that. With Sertainty, we have a partner that works with us to fulfill our mission of giving our customers innovative solutions with significant competitive advantages.”

Bill Tidwell

CEO, Transformations, Inc.

Data Privacy You Can Prove and Manage

Centralize Your Data Privacy Management

Without Sertainty, today’s data is passive and defenseless. The traditional measures of protection and governance create complex systems and barriers that surround your company’s sensitive information. This approach to protection is decentralized and external to the data, so management can be inefficient and leave gaps that can be exploited. 

With Sertainty, these decision and control functions centralize protection, authentication, governance and tracking. With the Sertainty Data Privacy Platform, you embed these controls within the data itself. You can not only be confident about the privacy of your data at all times, but you can also centrally manage compliance requirements within the data. 

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