UXP Technology Cornerstone

The UXP Object is a portable protocol used to protect data in a self-managed, one-of-a-kind entity. UXP Technology blends proprietary UXP Intelligence and a unique protection scheme with any size dataset. The result is a UXP Object.

Empowered with UXP Technology, the UXP Object self-protects and self-governs its own access and mitigation activity. These activities are defined by the data-owner using the owner’s pre-determined policies.

File Format

After a UXP Object is created, it appears as an inert, binary file showing a *.uxp extension. The UXP Object is unidentifiable unless proximal to UXP Technology. Without proximity, a UXP Object simply looks ordinary and nondescript on any OS and can be easily designated as junk.

Internal Components

The UXP Object contains the following core components:

  • UXP Identity artifacts
  • UXP Intelligence executable
  • Header file
  • File system
  • Metadata
  • Data (optional)

The UXP Identity is a special purpose UXP Object that is required for UXP Object generation. As a pre-requisite, the UXP Identity provides necessary components that empower the UXP Object to be intelligent and proactive at an access attempt and while the data is in-use.