Prompts and Responses

The Challenge Pairs are the Prompt and Response sets. These Prompt/Response sets are a primary contributor to establishing trust for access to a UXP Object. During authentication, the UXP Technology Engine uses the Prompt/Response sets along with other attributes to validate User access.

Prompts and Responses are a 1:1 relationship. Each Prompt has a single corresponding Response; this 1:1 relationship is a Challenge Pair.

Challenge Pairs Role

The UXP Intelligence uses the Challenge Pairs to evaluate and make decisions to determine 100% trust for the User attempting access.

The Challenge Pairs serve the same purpose for both machine and human Users. For a human User, the Response entry is inter-active, and for a machine User, the Response entry is automated.

Machine P/R

For a machine UXP Identity, Prompts and Responses are auto-generated. Each Prompt and its corresponding Response are generated using a random set of alpha-numeric characters. As a Challenge Pair, a Prompt/Response set will appear similarly to the example below.

example of auto-generated prompt/response set for a machine

The auto-generated Challenge Pairs for a machine are never exposed from the initial generation process all the way through to Identity construction.

Human P/R

For a human UXP Identity, Prompts and Responses are created manually by the User. When constructing the Challenge Pairs for a human, UXP Technology promotes using a cognitive approach for the creation process of the Pairs. This cognitive approach focuses on that person’s “life experiences”.

“Life experiences” are unique as opposed to the conventional challenge-question method providing a pre-defined, fixed question list. The answers required for these questions are discoverable, public details that can be socially reverse-engineered.

“Life experiences” originate from events only that person has intimate knowledge, connection, and reaction to. To create a Prompt/Response set, a specific “life experience” Prompt is chosen that sparks an instantaneous memory-trigger Response.

These “experience” Prompts leading to memory-triggers are simple and straightforward with little detail.

examples of prompt/response sets for a human