As the security community staggers into 2021, our mission is clear: With the world’s attention focused on the challenges of racial bias, political tensions, and a stubborn pandemic, cyber threats must not be allowed to join the litany of serious issues facing our globe. Our collective objective must be to prevent this from occurring, and it’s not just that we have insufficient capacity to handle yet another problem. Rather, cyber threats could produce large-scale disruption on par with our other global challenges.

We hate to introduce our annual security volume with such a stark, perhaps even depressing, message, but our approach at TAG Cyber has been to call things as we see them. And right now, we see storm clouds on the horizon. But like all weather patterns, it is not ordained that massively coordinated cyber threats to critical infrastructure will become the Next Big Thing. Rather, it is possible that we can change the trajectory. Hopefully, this volume will help in that regard.

For the past five years, we at TAG Cyber have published our Security Annual in the hopes that we might democratize insights into the technology, trends, and complexities of the cyber security industry. Unlike the pay-for-play nonsense we see from many of the larger so-called research and advisory companies with their billions in revenue, we seek to inform readers in an honest and unbiased manner on the best methods and techniques for cyber defense.

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