As technology and globalization advance, so do measures to authoritatively confirm an individual’s identity. This includes the growing realm of biometric authentication, which refers to identification using physiological traits, such as retinal scanning, facial, voice, and behavioral recognition, or fingerprints.

Now, Smart Eye technology — a leader in the field of biometrics — is introducing comprehensive biometric solutions by enhancing their authentication process with self-protecting and self-destructing data capabilities from Sertainty.

Biometric authentication is becoming a critical tool for digital privacy. Companies in need of thorough data protection must look beyond traditional means and begin implementing the next wave of security. With many benefits that place it among the most cutting-edge data privacy technologies available today, the potential applications for biometric authentication from Smart Eye are both numerous and profound.


The Benefits of Biometric Authentication Measures

Companies in every sector know that adequate security is a primary concern. Protecting company information and sensitive data can be challenging as cybercriminals continue to invent new ways to defeat security measures.

If a cyberattack occurs, it could lead to the theft of sensitive information, including credit card details, proprietary research, or client and customer data. In addition to compromising such highly sensitive information, a data breach can also result in costly legal settlements and fines. In fact, the average cost of a data breach has recently risen by 10% to reach $4.24 million. Furthermore, when clients and customers discover that your company has experienced a data breach, it is extremely damaging to your company’s reputation. As a result, clients will become hesitant to conduct business with your team and may abandon your company in favor of a competitor.

Modern businesses require a safer, more reliable, and more efficient security protocol. Biometric authentication has drastically risen in popularity as a means to meet this need, as individual biological traits are virtually impossible to counterfeit. As common forms of security become increasingly susceptible to cyber-attacks and data breaches, companies are already making the shift to biometric authentication technologies rather than traditional password authentication. By requiring biometrics to access information, platforms and devices can ensure the privacy and protection of highly sensitive data. 


Biometric Solutions from Smart Eye Technology

As data breaches steadily increase throughout the nation, companies in all sectors must take every precaution to prevent a data breach. The utilization of biometric authentication helps build a higher standard of data security by ensuring that businesses no longer need to use archaic, vulnerable security measures.

One premier provider of biometric solutions is Smart Eye Patented Technology, which leverages the latest developments in biometric technology. Smart Eye is a multi-factor, biometric-based platform, which ensures that companies can maintain the security of sensitive information even after sharing it. When Smart Eye is in use, anyone who receives a file must confirm their identity with advanced biometric technology to access the file.

Empowered by Sertainty UXP Technology, Smart Eye provides additional security measures to round out its biometric authentication. Features of the Smart Eye platform include:

  • Secure file sharing 
  • Screen privacy
  • Identity-verified e-signatures
  • Real-time file access monitoring and data governance
  • Data self-destruction

When a user opens any file using the Smart Eye application, the device will authenticate the user’s identity and allow access to confidential documents using continuous facial recognition for complete, ongoing security. To reduce vulnerabilities caused by human error or lax precautions, Smart Eye technology also prompts users with cautionary pop-ups to ensure other people do not view highly sensitive information when another face comes into view or the approved user steps away from the device.



Digitally sharing highly sensitive documents is now a necessity, but it also increases the risk that companies will experience a data breach. To mitigate this risk, Smart Eye technology allows companies to dictate who can access sensitive documents and the amount of time they will have access. With the built-in self-destruction features, any document that users send can be terminated immediately in the case of unauthorized access or sharing. In addition, anyone who sends a document will receive an audit trail of document viewing, complete with real-time notifications.


The Power of Self-Protecting Data

When Sertainty formed our relationship with Smart Eye Technology in 2021, we recognized that it was crucial to pair their biometric authentication with security at the data level. Sertainty UXP technology embeds file restrictions within highly sensitive information, ensuring that the data is self-protecting and self-governing. 

In years past, network security has been predicated on the idea of partitioning, relying on measures such as firewalls to surround data with a layer of protection. However, as Smart Eye recognized, such an approach is no longer sufficient. In the event of a security breach, self-governing data is equipped to react and defend itself beyond the capabilities of a mere firewall.

Other businesses have the opportunity to follow the example of Smart Eye and implement security solutions built into the data itself. With Sertainty self-protecting data, your company can benefit from security at the very foundations of your platform or network architecture.

As an added advantage, investing in cutting-edge security helps your company stand out from competitors, which is critical if you work in a saturated industry. When companies take the initiative to address data privacy concerns amongst clients and customers, it will communicate that your company prioritizes consumer safety. To cultivate trust with consumers, ensure that they understand the manner in which their data is protected. 

As cybercriminals become increasingly adept at comprising outdated forms of data protection, companies must implement data privacy and security measures that are truly impenetrable. Breaches are, to a degree, inevitable, but with Sertainty, data loss doesn’t have to be.

For more information on our relationship with Smart Eye or how our technology solutions can revolutionize your data privacy, contact Sertainty today.