NASHVILLE, TN – Sertainty Corporation is excited to announce its partnership with Atlanta-based Tech company, Smart Eye Technology, a pioneer in biometric authentication.

Smart Eye Technology is a multi-factor biometric-based file sharing platform created to help companies maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information even after it is shared.  Smart Eye ensures only intended file receivers can access and view files shared with them. File recipients must verify their identity with biometrics such as facial, voice and fingerprint recognition to open the file. Smart Eye also uses continuous facial recognition to detect and block out other people from seeing the file on their screen in order to maintain privacy.

“We are consistently looking for innovative partners who believe in the same mission of enabling the sharing of valuable information without giving up control,” said Greg Taylor, Sertainty CEO. “We believe this partnership positions Smart Eye as an industry leader in document security and privacy.

The Smart Eye partnership with Sertainty illustrates the need for end users to protect, monitor, and monetize their digital assets – at any time – without compromising privacy. Through this partnership, the Smart Eye Technology provides comprehensive secure file sharing, ensuring end-to-end security, policy enforcement, and digital privacy for an organization’s most sensitive information.  The Sertainty UXP Technology embeds specified file restrictions in the file transforming it into a self-governing and self-protecting data file.  This protects the data in transit, at rest and in process by the intended receiver.

“We looked into a variety of data security technologies and Sertainty offered the best underlying technology by far for our needs,” says Dexter Caffey, founder of Smart Eye Technology. “Sertainty has been a great partner and has helped our platform achieve an unprecedented level of data protection for customers.”

About Smart Eye: Smart Eye Technology is revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals protect their screens and confidential documents from prying eyes. We offer the most advanced multi-factor biometric authentication process and end-to-end encryption that ensures screen privacy and user-to-user document security in one turnkey platform. With Smart Eye, sharing and viewing files and signing confidential documents has never been more secure, providing our customers a peace of mind by vigilantly protecting their right to digital privacy and security no matter where they are.