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Technology as we know it
Data is essentially inert and passive, lacking an inherent ability to either control its own fate or mitigate risks while under process, as well as at rest and in transit. Data loss/theft is a result of the problem. The safety of the data is wholly dependent on human behavior and infrastructure. In reality, the enterprise protects data indirectly. Endpoints are managed, and trust assumed. This approach is not data-centric and it has reached maturity. What if data could become an active participant in the solution?
DATA:empowered is the answer.
DATA: empowered reduces the dependency on human behavior and infrastructure. Sertainty enables you to build from a new foundation. Our technology makes it easy to configure and mix intelligence into ordinary data-files empowering its ability to act and react. Sertainty shifts data control and risk mitigation from an indirect/re-active paradigm to a direct/active paradigm by driving governance, provenance and protection INTO YOUR DATA and technology solutions.

Currently, when data is shared, governance and control is not guaranteed.

DATA:empowered solutions ensure the data is in control even when it is threatened. The EMBEDDED INTELLIGENCE ENGINE ENFORCES POLICIES without deviation. For example, unauthorized access, including to super-users, is prohibited. When an entity attempts access to important information the data first determines its environment (physical device, location, time, etc.). If an anomaly is detected the self-governing data takes action.

Some DATA:empowered actions to mitigate risk include:

  • Providing access only to a subset of the information
  • Denying access
  • Alerting the owner
  • Requesting access permission from an external authority
  • Presenting an alternate view to the user or process
  • Self-destructing

To monetize your data, assuring the who, what, when, where and how data is used is essential.

Provenance (a record of ownership) is enforced by DATA:empowered.  However, this record of ownership is of more value than just who owns the data. Not only is the owner established as a legitimate entity that the user can trust, DATA:empowered employs anti-tampering technology that assures the integrity of the data.

The record of ownership can also include environment(s), access attempts and event occurrences.  These EVENT LOGS ARE IRREFUTABLE and are likewise protected with Sertainty technology. This invaluable and trustworthy resource is essential for data monetization. Business owners and legal entities are now equipped with independent monitoring, collecting, and reporting of all activity involving DATA:empowered.

  • Retain the event logs within the DATA:empowered file and/or distribute
  • Establish trust through record of ownership
  • Record access attempts (who, what, when and where)

Unstructured data cannot rely on complex perimeters and burdensome key management for protection.

Sertainty technology provides security and controls within the data file, REDUCING THE DEPENDENCY ON INFRASTRUCTURE (hardware, firewalls, endpoints, etc.) for protection and governance. With these security controls mixed-in, your data now has the ability to reside in multiple trusted and untrusted environments at the same time. It maintains protection and control mitigating additional risk.

DATA:empowered is self-managing. Encryption keys are never exposed. Instead, your data manages the keys internally, removing the vulnerability of shared/stolen keys. As a result, key management overhead is eliminated.

  • Security and controls managed by the data
  • Data-centric protection independent of network and infrastructure
  • Selective decryption mitigates inadvertent data exposure
  • Dynamically and randomly generated internal keys
  • Persistent protection at rest, in transit and under process