Infosec and Communications Compliance: Uluro by Transformations, Inc.

While data security is central to any industry, there is no area in which it is more paramount than in the world of sensitive communications. Industries such as healthcare, banking, and insurance all depend on truly secure communications in order to remain in compliance with regulations around the private data that they handle. 

Uluro, a secure customer communications management (CCM) platform created by Transformations, Inc., is a prime example of how Sertainty zero-trust security technology enables truly safe communication within these critical spaces. 

The Role of Zero-Trust in Data Security Compliance

There are a number of reasons why information security protocols play such a vital role in communications spaces. While the need to protect the inherently sensitive data necessary for industries such as banking and healthcare is apparent, communications for each of these industries also carry unique sets of information security compliance requirements to operate legally. 

A whitepaper published on the subject of communications by Aspire Customer Communications Services sums up the critical nature of compliance succinctly: “Under the threat of hefty punitive fines and lasting reputational damage, enterprises are understandably motivated by a desire to comply with regulations governing the secure delivery of sensitive documents.”

One particularly consequential example of these compliance laws revolves around HIPAA. In the United States, all information related to individual health is protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Compliance with HIPAA regulations is dictated by the US Department of Health and Human Services and enforced by the Office for Civil Rights. 

Any organization that collects, creates, or transmits protected health information electronically, is required to maintain HIPAA compliance at all times. HIPAA requirements impact not only the healthcare industry, but insurance agencies, employers, and educational institutions, among others. 

While the compliance requirements of HIPAA and other industry-specific regulations generally do not dictate any single method of ensuring communication security, one thing is clear: robust protection is required. Fortunately for those using Uluro solutions, Sertainty tools are the cornerstone of Uluro’s industry-leading communications platform. The preemptive, truly secure nature of Sertainty self-protecting data is ideally positioned to protect communications where information security is such a central concern. 

The Technology Powering Uluro and Smart Delivery 

Sertainty zero-trust security technology is central to the compliance empowered by Uluro. Uluro is a fully-realized, award-winning CCM platform that has utilized the Sertainty Data Privacy Platform to power its uSecure technology for over five years. The platform is one of two communications solutions created by Transformations, Inc. In addition to Uluro, Smart Delivery is the first secure communication delivery system to let users email data-sensitive documents with the protection of Sertainty UXP Technology.

Transformations Inc. makes it possible to compose highly regulated documents without exposing the raw data while under process. And now, with Smart Delivery, they’re disrupting inefficient communications standards with the ability to deliver those documents to the consumer digitally and ensure that the right person has opened them.

For organizations that produce and send sensitive data bound by regulations like HIPAA, Smart Delivery improves the customer experience by providing one-click instant access to documents and mitigates financial risk with a built-in comprehensive audit trail that includes DOD-level shredding on unauthorized attempts. 

Truly Secure Data with Sertainty 

While many technology platforms are fundamentally limited in their scope, Sertainty data protection technology is truly industry-agnostic, with the potential to upgrade or reimagine how data is stored and distributed. 

Sertainty has redefined how information is protected to ensure data privacy even where firewalls fail. Using cutting-edge protocols and embedding intelligence directly into datasets, Sertainty leverages proprietary processes that enable data to govern, track, and defend itself. These protocols mean that even if systems are compromised, data remains secure. 

Communication is one of the many areas in which Sertainty is committed to providing self-protecting data solutions that evolve and grow to defend sensitive data. Zero trust security enables Sertainty partners such as Transformations, Inc. to lead the way with truly safe communications.