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Sertainty technology provides the ability to implement DATA:empowered solutions tailored to your needs.
Sertainty Software Developer Kit

Sertainty Software Developer Kit (SDK) is a low-level, platform agnostic library that contains a powerful set of APIs and modules.

Systems integrators, independent software vendors, architects and developers can leverage the capabilities of the Sertainty SDK to develop solutions utilizing data:empowered.

The Sertainty SDK contains a set of modules that allows for custom integration to utilize DATA:empowered just as it would with data in the clear. Each API contains a core set of libraries that represent a flexible set of functions required to integrate within most applications and workflows. However, this core set can be extended to add functionality.

The versatility of the Sertainty SDK allows software developers to integrate DATA:empowered functionality within client, server-side, web and mobile solutions. The SDK allows developers to focus on delivering applications without acquiring a deep understanding of the Sertainty specification.

Along with the easy to use APIs (read/write/open/etc. functions), included in the SDK is the Developer’s Guide with code Samples.


C, C++, PHP and Mobile

Highlighted Modules

Intelligence Engine

Embedded in the UXP Object, the Intelligence Engine links encryption and governance with participants ensuring the owner retains control of their data.

The Intelligence Engine implements this linkage for the UXP Object at the global, participant and individual data element levels. Global policy can be applied to the entire file, for example, assess the environment to determine how to proceed with authentication. Policy can further be enforced at the individual participant down to individual data elements. Data owners can be assured intended participants are able to only access the right information in the right context all the time. Likewise, the receiving participant is assured the creator of that information is legitimate.

Workflow Agent

The Workflow Agent is a facilitator of process communications and workflows to mitigate latency related to network lag and unresponsiveness.

The Workflow Agent is a background process that handles several critical workflow functions on behalf of the DATA:empowered system to drive performance. Some functions performed by the Workflow Agent are workflow task automation, message delivery (E-mail, SMS, etc.) and connection to the Sertainty trusted timeserver to retrieve accurate network location and time data.


Creates a private, protected work space so that an application does not have to be instrumented with or even be aware of Sertainty technology.

Applications do not require any code changes to access UXP Objects. This non-invasive module is a virtual drive that allows any application to work with UXP Objects as if it’s clear.  Data files remain protected and governed even though they appear as clear files in your system with the goal to prevent data from escaping or external sources invading.

UXL Script Engine

The UXL Script Engine is used to construct the authentication and governance engine.

Scripting has two functions: UXL Engine scripting and general scripting. To create a UXP Object, a UXL Script Engine is required and must contain a specific set of defined functions. The general scripting engine, which is supported by the UXL Script Engine, permits a user to build batch-style scripts that can perform basic utility operations.

UXP Message

UXP Message is an effective way to implement secure machine-to-machine or node-to-node messages where encryption is heavy and maintenance intensive.

The UXP Message is an instantiation of Sertainty technology, particularly applicable in an OT environment to secure messages and commands. It’s a light-weight mechanism for IIoT, SCADA, ICS communication environments for machines, devices and applications. The UXP Message guarantees the integrity of the message and ensures both the sender and receiver to be legitimate.

Sertainty Tools

Workflow Tool

The Workflow Tool is non-invasive and automates the creation and utilization of UXP Objects within a workflow – cloud and/or within a network.

The Sertainty Workflow Tool is an independent tool that operates in machine to machine data flow. The Workflow Tool easily enables systems administrators, system integrators and development engineers to deploy, assign, monitor and enforce policies to data at rest and in flight. It performs automated tasks customized to the needs of the data as defined by the owner. It does not require integration with existing software applications.