In response to a growing need for inherently secure software solutions, Sertainty underscores the “secure-by-design” philosophy in its latest Software Developer Kit (SDK) enhancements release. The enhanced SDK, v3.7, makes it easy for developers to implement self-protecting data, assuring a robust security posture embedded in their applications.

Dr. Behzad Nadji, CTO at Sertainty, states, “Our latest enhancements to our SDK are the embodiment of the ‘secure-by-design’ principle that is fundamental to our approach at Sertainty. With features like real-time event tracking and the introduction of a Web API, we’re not just adding security layers — we’re integrating security into the backbone of digital infrastructure. This is how we build trust into the fabric of our digital future.”

Secure-by-Design Features in Sertainty SDK v3.7:

  • Web API: Sertainty has launched an introductory Web API that streamlines developer interaction with the Sertainty Services architecture. The forthcoming SDK v4.0 promises an even more comprehensive feature set and enhancements. 
  • Event Recording and Real-Time Tracking: Events from the Sertainty self-protecting data file can now be recorded to the Sertainty Services Server via a Web API, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis by solutions platforms like SIEM and digital supply chain tools. The Sertainty Active Intelligence Software ensures these records are tamper-resistant.
  • Lightweight Sertainty ID (IDV2) and Client-Side SDK Library: The introduction of a lightweight version of the Sertainty ID and a new client-side SDK library signifies a leap in facilitating seamless communication with Sertainty Services servers. These tools are designed to integrate security seamlessly into the development workflow, exemplifying the secure-by-design approach.

These features not only enhance the security and efficiency of the development process but also align with the latest directives from cybersecurity authorities advocating for a foundational approach to secure software development.

“Innovation at Sertainty is about shifting the security dialogue away from the moat and maze paradigm to data that defends itself. The lightweight Sertainty ID and our new client-side library are more than just tools; they represent a shift towards intuitive, built-in security at the data level that empowers developers to create safer applications by default,” asserts Dan Fischer, Senior Executive Vice President of Sertainty. “We’re setting a new standard for secure-by-design technology, ensuring our clients are always ahead of the curve.”

About Sertainty

Sertainty is a technology company that empowers data with active intelligence and security. The company has been on a mission to transform how data is secured, governed, and monetized. The company’s groundbreaking technology, validated by a 100% score from Veracode, enables data to act as an active participant in its lifecycle. This innovation has positioned Sertainty as a leader in introducing data-level security, a quantum-resistant solution in the zero-trust architecture realm.

Sertainty offers pathways to a future where data is empowered, self-reliant, and self-governing. With embedded active intelligence, the company is redefining data security and management, opening doors to endless opportunities.

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