Nashville, TN – Sertainty announced today its latest Sertainty UXP Technology integration with Customer Communications Provider, Transformations, Inc, making emailing secure data-sensitive documents possible.

Sertainty Corp, in partnership with Transformations, Inc., is pleased to introduce Smart DeliveryTM and launch of a first in market, secure communication delivery system that enables the emailing of regulatory compliant communications involving Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (SPII) avoiding the hassles of authenticating into a web-portal.

“The integration of these technologies represents the only data-centric solution available on the market today. Smart Delivery enables customers to go paperless with piece of mind that their personal information is not at risk,” said Sertainty CEO Greg Taylor.

Officially powered by the Sertainty UXP Technology, Smart Delivery by Transformations, Inc. is now the first secure communication delivery system to make emailing data-sensitive documents possible—on any device— from anywhere.

For organizations that produce and send sensitive data in customer communications, Smart Delivery improves the customer experience by providing one-click instant access to documents and mitigates financial risk with a built-in comprehensive audit trail that includes DOD level shredding on unauthorized attempts.

“The best approach to avoid experiencing a data breach is prevention. Smart Delivery is built on unique self-protecting data technology, which offers protection that travels with the data,” said Bill Tidwell, CEO and founder of Transformations. “It is a competitive game changer in securely managing sensitive customer communications. We are excited to bring Smart Delivery to market.”

Smart Delivery was specifically designed for organizations in industries such as insurance, financial services and healthcare that grapple with how to distribute sensitive regulatory documents electronically—with the convenience end users are demanding, as well as the need for proof of delivery. Smart Delivery solves many of these challenges by providing controlled access to documents while mitigating the risk of a data breach.

For more information on Smart Delivery contact Sertainty today.

About Transformations, Inc.

Transformations, Inc., based in Franklin, Tennessee, is a software solutions company and developer of Uluro. Uluro is an award-winning, comprehensive front-to-finish Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform for creating, producing, delivering and tracking critical customer communications. Uluro’s mission is to provide the most secure delivery solution available and provide customers a significant competitive advantage that can help them grow their businesses and increase their market share.

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