Data privacy leader Sertainty is preparing for a major push in their series B funding.


In support of its recent funding initiatives, Self-Protecting-Data pioneer Sertainty has officially announced its newest partnership, a formal agreement with Weild & Co.

Weild & Co. is an issuer-focused investment bank and known expert in capital markets. Because banking and advisory are their only business, clients’ interests are their only focus. Weild & Co. doesn’t run a trading desk, so they are never conflicted by an institutional investor’s potential to generate trading commissions. They provide senior management involvement in all engagements, so clients benefit from their full breadth of diverse experience. As Weild and Co. themselves put it, “Our success depends on our clients achieving their success.”

This client-focused ethos resonates with the leadership at Sertainty, promising a productive partnership between the two firms. “Sertainty could not be more thrilled to work with Weild & Co. They have earned a high regard across several sectors, and our partnership is sure to be beneficial to both of us, in the near term and the distant future,” said Dan Fischer, executive vice president at Sertainty.

Weild & Co. currently represents issuers in capital-raising transactions and mergers and is looking forward to assisting Sertainty in their upcoming business ventures.

“I truly look forward to further developing our relationship with Sertainty and supporting their round B financing goals. We strongly believe in Sertainty’s ever-growing value,” said David Weild, chairman and CEO of Weild & Co.

With this lucrative partnership in place, Sertainty is moving forward with competitive goals for their series B funding. The company’s continued attention to innovation and quality makes leadership and current investors at Sertainty confident in a successful campaign.

“Sertainty should be raising a considerable amount of capital since it stands for provable data privacy, which is a critical part of any cutting-edge communications platform,” noted Yasser Elgebaly, CEO and founder of SanApptX and CTO of Skylab.


About Sertainty

Sertainty ( is a technology company specializing in embedding intelligence into any type of dataset. Sertainty technology transforms ordinary data that is inherently passive and vulnerable into a self-protecting, self-governing asset that mitigates risk in real-time — modernizing your approach to security and data’s ultimate role in your enterprise. The goal of Sertainty is to prevent theft of intellectual property, proprietary data, and confidential information. The company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.


About Weild & Co.

Weild & Co. ( is an issuer-focused investment bank known expert in capital markets. They represent issuers in capital raising transactions and mergers and acquisitions. Their studies formed the basis of major legislation in the United States to improve private and public stock markets and inform policymakers worldwide.