Nashville, TN – Greg Taylor, CEO and President of Sertainty Corporation, announced a new partnership with Music Pub Works, thrusting Data: Empowered technology into the licensed content and digital media world.

Mirada Media, the product of the partnership between Grammy-nominated, music industry veteran Russ Zavitson and Sertainty, officially began in September 2018 after months of negotiations. The Mirada Media team is led by Denise Zavitson, creator of Music Pub Works (MPW). MPW, acquired by Mirada Media, is a software-as-a-service application that providesrights holders an easy way to associate their contractual terms with a given song and/or performance and also provides custom streaming software which enables virtually anybody to stream and account for content.

By integrating the Sertainty technology,  each song file will have the ability to become a self-governing media-file. It, the data-file/song, enforces legal use and sharing of the song itself, ensures the rights holders are appropriately compensated and provides an accurate and irrefutable record of royalties owed.

“Our vision is to extend the platform’s capabilities to meet the unique needs of the rapidly evolving media and entertainment market,” says Denise Zavitson, “Mirada will initially focus on additional features of the core platform aimed at providing improved data analytics and digital media solutions utilizing integrated Sertainty technology.”

Dan Fischer, EVP of Sertainty, believes the market opportunity for this implementation of Sertainty technology is also extendable to other digital Intellectual Property or any “original digital master” such as Film, Video, Art and “blueprints.”


Media Contact: Rivers Nesler
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