Nashville, TN – Sertainty is proud to announce its designation as a Distinguished Vendor in the 2019 TAG Cyber Security Annual.

Sertainty becomes part of a group of emerging technology companies chosen by Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber. Sertainty mixes intelligence into ordinary data files assuring the data’s governance, provenance, and protection. Dr. Amoroso assembled this list to assist with this year’s report, which was made available today for a complimentary copy here.

“Led by Dr. Amoroso, the TAG Cyberteam has done wonderfully at offering the highest quality cybersecurity analysis at little cost,” said Greg Taylor, CEO of Sertainty. “We are proud to become distinguished sponsors in order to support their initiative of providing comprehensive cybersecurity analysis at a tremendous value to his audience.”

The 2019 TAG Cyber Security Annual, TAG Cyber’s third year of publication, is designed to provide direct advisory guidance – at no cost – to the enterprise cybersecurity professional. Their work is created to help cyber defenders more effectively deal with the technical challenges of our industry. These include integrating cyber analytics across the kill chain, introducing automation to streamline security workflow, and adopting cloud infrastructure for enterprise applications and systems.

“With the traditional perimeter now dissolving, enterprise IT experts must take data security much more seriously,” said Amoroso. “The Sertainty team understands this evolution, and offers a world-class software solution that is worth a closer look by all cyber security teams.”

Each year, TAG Cyber publishes it three-volume report to the community for download at no cost. In addition to the Sertainty website, the report is also available at TAG Cyber. You can also find an informative interview with Sertainty CEO, Greg Taylor, in Volume 2 of the report.


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