Nashville, TN – Sertainty Federal Systems, at the forefront of embedded active intelligence technology at the data level, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Minerva Cyber Technologies, a leader in full spectrum cyber operations and security solutions. This alliance is poised to transform the delivery and maintenance of cybersecurity technologies across federal government and private sector clients.

In an era where the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) underscores the importance of shifting cybersecurity responsibilities from consumers to technology creators, Minerva and Sertainty exemplify this transition by embracing secure-by-design development standards. Their partnership aligns with CISA’s advocacy for the adoption of these principles in software development, furthering the narrative that security should be foundational and integral, not an afterthought.

Tim White, General Manager of Sertainty Federal Systems, shares his perspective on this momentous collaboration. “Our strategic partnership with Minerva is a game-changer in the realm of data protection. By uniting the Sertainty Self-Protecting Data Privacy Platform with the outstanding service capabilities of Minerva, we’re creating a synergized capability to deliver unique, secure-by-design software solutions and the ability for a universal upgrade of current applications. This is an incredible opportunity to enhance our clients’ defense mechanisms against evolving digital threats.”

As a distributor of the Sertainty Active Intelligence Technology and related components, this strategic partnership enables Minerva to further provide unparalleled cybersecurity services while effectively elevating client security posture. The main goal of this agreement is to deliver top-tier cybersecurity services, with which Sertainty and Minerva are mutually aligned. Together, these companies will lead the charge in distributing and tailoring Sertainty’s advanced technologies, ensuring clients benefit from comprehensive, leading-edge protection.

“Data is both the new attack surface and the new perimeter in today’s technical operating environments,” stated Kim Irving, CEO of Minerva Cyber Technologies. “Partnering with Sertainty to deliver a customizable security suite to enable zero-trust governance at the data level will allow us to provide our customers unprecedented cyber protection.”

Sertainty and Minerva are united in their commitment to confidentiality and excellence. This alliance marks a significant milestone for Sertainty as it solidifies its role in the federal government cybersecurity sector. By leveraging the expertise of Minerva in marketing and integration, Sertainty plans to expand its reach and impact. Both organizations are eager to commence this journey, ensuring their clients’ highest level of security and service.

About Minerva Cyber Technologies

Minerva Cyber Technologies, a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), is a renowned provider of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. With a focus on innovation and client service, Minerva stands at the forefront of protecting digital assets in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Picking up where others leave off, Minerva Cyber Technologies fills the gaps in cybersecurity. Our holistic approach leverages process, policy, and programming to eliminate vulnerabilities and improve our customers’ security posture.

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About Sertainty Federal Systems

Sertainty is a technology company that empowers data with active intelligence and security. The company has been on a mission to transform how data is secured, governed, and monetized. The company’s groundbreaking technology, validated by a 100% score from Veracode, enables data to act as an active participant in its lifecycle. This innovation has positioned Sertainty as a leader in introducing data-level security, a quantum-resistant solution in the zero-trust architecture realm.

Sertainty offers pathways to a future where data is empowered, self-reliant, and self-governing. With embedded active intelligence, the company is redefining data security and management, opening doors to endless opportunities.

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