San Marcos, TX – Amir Sternhell, Chief Strategy Officer of cybersecurity leader Sertainty, has been announced as a panel speaker at this year’s Digital 360 Summit, to be held later this month. 

The premier executive event for industrial digital transformation, the Digital 360 Summit is a division of CMG Consulting. Topics include smart city management, mobility, building technology, water resources, and more.

Sternhell will participate on the Cloud Data Management Panel with GridPathway CEO Richard Skrinde, David Forfia, Former Chairman of Gridwise Architecture Council, Stephen Elkins, TX Client Director at Microsoft, and Michael Richtbert, Former Chief Architect at Dell – EMC.

Mr. Sternhell will discuss the role of strategic direction in cloud data management, the impact of data management on organizational success, and best practices and practical tips for optimizing cloud data management processes. 

This year will be the third time Amir Sternhell has been a featured speaker at the Digital 360 Summit. Previously, Mr. Sternhell addressed AI, data supply chains, and digital supply chains with other leading industry experts. 

“We’re pleased to have Amir Sternhell returning as a panel speaker for this year’s Digital 360 Summit,” said Andres Carvallo, CEO of CMG Consulting and Co-Director of CIEDAR at TXST. “Mr. Sternhell’s experience and global contributions to the field of cybersecurity and data analytics bring a welcome perspective to our panels on critical cybersecurity and data management topics.”

As Chief Strategy Officer, Amir Sternhell has helped Sertainty to establish itself as a pioneer in the Data-Centric paradigm and an enabler to the world of cybersecurity while forging valuable partnerships with companies and leaders in the cybersecurity and Information Technology industry.

“I am excited to join the Cloud Data Management Panelist discussion to address secure cloud data management at this year’s summit,” said Mr. Sternhell. “These discussions with leaders from across the industry give us the unique opportunity to move the worlds of information security and smart data management forward.”

This year’s event will be held at the Texas State University Labs at Science, Technology, and Advanced Research (STAR) Park from September 26th to 29th. STAR Park is also the location of CIEDAR Labs, the digital innovation hub, which utilizes the Sertainty self-protecting data technology for secure smart city development. 

In its fifth year, the Digital 360 Summit will feature more than 60 speakers over four days. The first three days will comprise conference and panel discussions, while day four will include tours of the TXST CIEDAR living labs and several engineering on-campus labs at Texas State University. 

To learn more and register for this year’s summit, visit

About Amir Sternhell

Amir Sternhell, Chief Strategy Officer, Sertainty Corporation 

Amir is a premier Corporate Strategist and Business Development person with thirty-plus years of experience in the IT industry and Corporate Learning space. He joined Sertainty Corp in August 2016 with the intent of providing strategic direction, new markets, and execution capacities to make the Sertainty Core UXP Technology and Self-Protecting-Data a global standard in the data protection space. His work has been focused on driving value into Critical Infrastructure, the DoD, and Enterprises.

Amir has over thirty years of experience in the IT and Corporate Learning industries, including two decades working for an IT company that was the pioneer in the Latin American market. He oversaw Business Development, the Business Intelligence Unit, and as a Chief Learning Officer, in which the company represented Harvard Business Publishing, ran the company’s Corporate Learning Services that catered to over 250 multinationals. Amir was the recipient of three Most Valuable Global Distributor Awards for his impact on the world of Corporate Learning and HBP’s mission of “Improving the Practice of Management in a Changing World.” 

Early in his career, Amir was the founder of the first Non-Profit Organization that assisted Israel’s burgeoning Incubator System, which hand-held over one hundred high-tech companies. Later on, he became the Vice Chairman of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry, overseeing its initiatives that included major conferences on Knowledge Management, Nanotechnology, Cleantech, Smart Grids, and Cyber-technology. He received the Business Leadership Award in 2005, from the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry, for his pioneering work in helping Israel’s high-tech industry establish itself in the US—the youngest recipient to ever win this Award.

Amir Served in the Directorate of Military Intelligence for the Israel Defense Forces. He was awarded the Most Outstanding Soldier of the Corp. in 1981. Amir holds an AB in Political Science and Psychology, focusing on Game Theory, from Tel Aviv University in 1986. He is the recipient of three gold medals, as part of Tel-Aviv University’s Basketball team. He holds an MIA in International Economics from Columbia University ’90, where he studied under a former National Security Advisor, and an MBA from the ‘Grand Ecole’ EDHEC ’92, specializing in Technology and Management – where he graduated first in his class.

About Sertainty

A leader in zero-trust security and self-protecting data, Sertainty provides companies in a wide range of industries with data tracking, compliance, security, and governance with their Sertainty Data Privacy Platform and Unbreakable eXchange Protocol (UXP). The company is also known as a thought leader in cybersecurity, having established partnerships with other industry pioneers and consulting for the United States Department of Defense with Sertainty Federal Systems.