The newly granted patent brings the data privacy innovator’s total patent count to 17, globally.

Rio de Janeiro, BrazilThe Sertainty Corporation was recently awarded a new patent in Brazil for its data privacy solutions. This latest patent and the three recently approved patents bring the tech leader’s total number of global patents to 17, worldwide.

The subject of the recent patents is a technology using proprietary methods to embed security directly into datasets, enabling developers to integrate data security seamlessly into the design and development of their software. Furthermore, this secure-by-design approach implements zero-trust principles at the data level, allowing data to be used without removing its protections, end-to-end.

These systems, methods, and devices configured to build and utilize an intelligent cipher transfer object or Unbreakable eXchange Protocol (UXP) Object have already been patented in multiple countries, including the United States. And, Sertainty continues to expand its global reach.

“Our relentless drive for innovation has always been fueled by the aim to surmount existing data protection techniques’ limitations,” expresses Greg Taylor, CEO of Sertainty. “Achieving another patent, especially in Brazil, accentuates our commitment to setting a new data security standard on a global scale.”

In technical terms, these patented advances by Sertainty use UXP Technology to manage access based on portable, dynamic rule sets. These can provide access to some participants while preventing access to other participants. In conjunction with other Sertainty innovations, this technology can strengthen the security of vulnerable organization data and limit the dependence on encryption keys and passwords for authentication.

“This isn’t so much about achieving patents; it’s about shifting to a “data security by design” paradigm. The Sertainty innovation is a clear response to the longstanding push by cybersecurity experts to treat security as an inherent component rather than a peripheral addition,” asserts Dan Fischer, Senior Executive Vice President of Sertainty. “Our approach is agnostic to systems, the type of data and is the world’s first set of tools that embeds security at the data level throughout its lifecycle.”

The 17 patents held by Sertainty for its Unbreakable eXchange Protocol technology have been issued in the United States, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Israel, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, and now Brazil. The technology implements zero-trust principles at the data level and provides a platform for sustainable solutions that assure data privacy, even in the case of a network or device breach.

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A leader in zero-trust data privacy and self-protecting data, Sertainty provides companies in a wide range of industries with data tracking, compliance, security, and governance with their Sertainty Data Privacy Platform. The company is also known as a thought leader in cybersecurity, having established partnerships with other industry pioneers and providing consulting services for the United States Department of Defense through Sertainty Federal Systems.

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