Systems, methods, and devices configured to build and utilize an intelligent cipher transfer object (ICTO) patented in Japan, Korea, and the United States.


The Sertainty Corporation was recently awarded three new global patents for their data privacy solutions, which will strengthen the security of vulnerable organization data and limit the dependence on encryption keys and passwords for authentication.

“Myself and the team are thrilled about this latest grouping of patents,” said Greg Taylor, CEO of Sertainty. “Current techniques for protecting data have certain drawbacks. By utilizing self-protecting, self-governing technology that enables data owners to set specific rules for file access, we’ve taken an enormous step in the right direction regarding data safety.”

The technology patented by Sertainty uses proprietary methods to embed security directly into datasets, enabling owners to dictate who can access the data, as well as where and when. Furthermore, these measures are end-to-end, allowing data to be used without removing its protections, as typical in standard encryption.

Sertainty now has fourteen patents surrounding its intelligent cipher transfer object with issued patents in the USA, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Israel, Singapore, South Africa, and Korea.

In technical terms, these patented advances by Sertainty use an intelligent cipher transfer object (ICTO) to manage access based on portable, dynamic rule sets. These can provide access to some participants while preventing access to other participants.

“Technology is rapidly evolving, and so are the threats to data privacy. By making data self-reliant and creating safeguards around our private information, we can mitigate serious privacy threats,” said Dan Fischer, Executive Vice President of Sertainty. “These patents open up new opportunities for our partners to rest assured that their data is kept safe through industry-leading data cloaking, processing, and smart technology.”


About Sertainty:

Sertainty ( is a technology company specializing in embedding intelligence into any type of dataset. Sertainty technology transforms ordinary data that is inherently passive and vulnerable into a self-protecting, self-governing asset that mitigates risk in real-time — modernizing your approach to security and data’s ultimate role in your enterprise. At Sertainty, the goal is to prevent the theft of intellectual property, proprietary data, and confidential information. The company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.