Sertainty, a pioneer in data-level security and active intelligence, proudly announces the launch of its Software Developer Kit (SDK) v4.0. This release marks a significant milestone, emphasizing a complete redesign of the Sertainty Services architecture to enhance development functionality and security.

Dan Fischer, Senior Executive Vice President of Sertainty, adds, “With the introduction of v4.0, we are setting new standards in data privacy. Our focus on intuitive, built-in security at the data level empowers developers to stay ahead of the curve, creating applications that are secure by design.”

What’s New in Sertainty SDK v4.0:

The 4.0 version introduces several innovative features and upgrades from the previous 3.7 release, including:

Redesigned Sertainty Services API:

  • Agent Service: Manages the server-side Sertainty Agent, essential for system-to-system workflow task execution.
  • Core Services: Manages shared data for all services, supporting native, UXL (proprietary scripting language), and Web APIs.
  • Data Service: Manages server-side UXP (proprietary name of Sertainty technology) objects, Sertainty UXP identities, and a UXP registry.
  • Delegate Service: Oversees the UXP delegate system (dynamic identity management.)
  • Utility Service: Provides general utilities for server-side scripting.
  • Workflow Service: Handles the automated workflow system (Data Protector).

New and Updated Features:

  • Private UXP Domains: Supports dynamic and fixed private UXP domains.
  • Namespace Updates: Includes new namespace lists such as gui and table.
  • Performance Improvements: Enhancements include optimized server response times and reduced latency in UXP object management, ensuring a smoother and faster user experience.
  • PDF Viewer: Integrated PDF viewer within Sertainty Assistant, allowing users to view a PDF, which is protected within a UXP object.

Key Enhancements:

  • Event Recording and Real-Time Tracking: Enhanced from v3.7 to enable real-time monitoring via a Web API.
  • Lightweight Sertainty ID (IDV2): Facilitates seamless communication with Sertainty Services servers.
  • Client-Side SDK Library: Streamlines the development workflow with built-in security features.

Advancing Secure-by-Design Principles with Partners:

Sertainty continues to advance secure-by-design principles in collaboration with its partners. One of the first companies to leverage this updated technology is SafeTBox. SafeTBox is a cutting-edge digital storage platform offering quantum-secure resilience and ensuring valuable data is tamper-proof. Supported by the advancements Sertainty has made in their latest SDK, SafeTBox provides users complete control over access permissions for critical data and its management. This trusted platform will become widely used in quality management systems, escrow of source code, data rooms, and for sensitive personal documents, trust instruments, wills, contracts, and tax returns. Learn more at 

Robin Bienfait, CEO and Founder of SafeTBox, states, “Partnering with Sertainty has enabled us to integrate state-of-the-art security features directly into our platform. The robust and built-in data level security and seamless integration offered by their latest SDK, v4.0, will empower our users to protect their most sensitive data with confidence.”

About Sertainty

Sertainty is a technology company that uses a zero-trust methodology to empower data with active intelligence and self-protection. The company has been on a mission to transform how data is secured, governed, and monetized. The company’s groundbreaking technology, validated by a 100% score from Veracode, enables data to act as an active participant in its lifecycle. This innovation positions Sertainty as a leader in implementing zero-trust principles at the data level.

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