More than 1,400 industry leaders in government, military, and academia are gathering for one of the largest defense summits on the East Coast, and rising star in data privacy tech, Sertainty, will be among them.


Sertainty is one of three premier organizations that have been chosen to present at the 2021 Palmetto Tech Bridge Pitch Jam Prize Challenge. This challenge is part of the 14th annual Charleston Defense Contractors Association Defense Summit, one of the largest defense events on the East Coast.

“We’re thrilled to be considered for this event,” said Dan Fischer, Executive Vice President of Sertainty. “The opportunity to present our groundbreaking end-to-end data privacy technology before so many esteemed industry leaders is an honor.”

The goal of the 2021 summit is to achieve a digital edge for national defense through innovative technology concepts for multilevel security (MLS) — an approach that allows the sharing of sensitive information across security boundaries. As a pioneer of innovative data privacy technology, Sertainty will present on how their data privacy platform for self-protecting datafiles can serve as a multilevel security defense solution.

“Sertainty has created something truly remarkable,” said Rich Streeter, Sr. Technology Consultant at Sertainty. “I think the summit attendees will be excited to learn more about what the Sertainty data privacy platform can do to revolutionize the way we view multilevel security.”

Sertainty is also a finalist for the grand prize of the Pitch Jam Challenge in the category of MLS. Its technology is designed to restrict access to sensitive information from unauthorized users by embedding intelligence inside data so that it becomes self-protecting and self-governing without compromising performance or privacy.

The CDCA is expecting more than 1,400 thought leaders from various major industries to come together at this summit to identify potential defense solutions. Together, they hope to address the ever-evolving demands in cybersecurity and form workforce partnerships to achieve cutting-edge results.


About Sertainty: 

Sertainty ( is a technology company specializing in embedding intelligence into any type of dataset. Sertainty technology transforms ordinary data that is inherently passive and vulnerable into a self-protecting, self-governing asset that mitigates risk in real-time — modernizing your approach to security and data’s ultimate role in your enterprise. The goal of Sertainty is to prevent theft of intellectual property, proprietary data, and confidential information. The company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.