Nashville, TN– Sertainty Corporation, a Nashville-based technology company specializing in embedding intelligence into data-files, is honored to lead and participate in four panels as part of Opal Group’s Cyber Security Summit 2019.

Opal Group organizes premier conferences catered to top executives and decision-makers throughout various industries. Their Annual Cyber Security Summit, beginning July 11-12, will bring together professionals with varied viewpoints on cybersecurity issues to hear from experts, learn about trends, and discuss actionable solutions.

“The intention of this event is to support the continuing evolution of cyber defenses for businesses and organizations that drive our economy and our communities,” says Lauren Bautista, Opal Group Senior Vice President.

Concurrent to the annual Summit, Opal is hosting two additional events on Financial Innovations and Payments and Healthcare IT & Analytics.  Sertainty executives will be participating and speaking in all three conferences. Amir Sternhell, Sertainty Chief Strategy Officer, will sit on the “Current State & Outlook of the Cyber Security Landscape” panel during the Cyber Security Summit, Kevin Beauregard, Advising Sertainty Chief Compliance Officer, is moderating the “Governance, Risk & Compliance” panel, and Fred Mindermann, Sertainty Business Development Consultant, is the moderator for the “Telehealth Changing the Model of Care” panel and will also serve as a panelist on the “How IT is Revolutionizing Healthcare” panel during the Healthcare IT conference.

“We’ve chosen speakers who grasp current threats and will provide takeaways and actionable strategies you can use today,” says Bautista.  “We expect our attendees will leave feeling empowered and eager to bring that energy back to their colleagues to bolster a sense of confidence for tackling this monumental 21st-century challenge of privacy concerns and increased cyber threats.”

Obtaining speaking roles at global conferences such as the Opal Cyber Security Summit is critical for Sertainty, and since 2017 they have made significant strides in driving cyber security discussions toward a data-centric focus.

“By infusing the Sertainty Intelligence Module into a data-file, it’s now possible for data to act and react – just like an end-point.  This not only gives developers a new weapon for defeating cyber criminals but also a new means for monetizing data.” says Dan Fischer, Sertainty Executive Vice President. “Our goal at these events is to increase awareness of these new tools and we deeply appreciate the opportunity the Opal Group provides.”

The Opal Group Cyber Security Summit is one of many conferences Sertainty has committed to as a speaker.  Keep up to date with their upcoming shows by following Sertainty on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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