Collaboration between these data security experts lays the groundwork for privacy innovations on a global scale.


Nashville-based data privacy company Sertainty is pleased to announce its new partnership with Iniciativa-SeguriData, a pioneer in the integration of information security services in Mexico.

With support from Sertainty, Initiativa-SeguriData recently finished a successful demonstration for the Supreme Court of Mexico pertaining to the Sertainty UXP Technology and its self-protecting data. Currently, Initiativa-SeguriData is in the process of solving additional pains associated with data security management. Their intent is to integrate the Sertainty Data Privacy Platform into a secure workflow tool.

“Sertainty is thrilled about this partnership and that Initiativa-SeguriData believes Sertainty will play an integral role in maximizing success,” says Amir Sternhell, CSO of Sertainty.

Iniciativa-SeguriData plans to utilize Sertainty’s proven technology platform to help them continue innovating and expanding within their industry, expanding reach and regional penetration.

“The collaboration with Sertainty enabled our initial demonstration to the Mexico Supreme Court to be successful, so we are delighted to develop a deeper partnership that will benefit all parties involved,” says Sergio Garcia-Bulle President of Iniciativa Innovacion Mexico.

Sertainty adheres to improving global data security by making its solutions ubiquitous and working with integrators that are market movers, horizontal in their approach, and strong players in their industry — such as Iniciativa-SeguriData. Sertainty has also secured partnerships in India and plans to empower more companies to utilize the Sertainty Data Privacy Platform.

The revolutionary security innovations developed by Sertainty ensure data privacy by enabling data to defend and protect itself, making data breaches a concern of the past. Sertainty has chosen to partner with like-minded companies and integrators to foster the safe sharing of information without loss of privacy rights and security.

“The Sertainty Data Privacy Platform is an integral part in safeguarding the anonymity and privacy associated with influencers and their followers. Such a construct will be the undercarriage of Skylab and its crown-jewel data,” noted Yasser Elgebaly, CEO and founder of SanApptX and CTO of Skylab.

Through this new partnership with Iniciativa-SeguriData, Sertainty is showing that their platform is not just innovative but provides a versatility which will allow the solution to be utilized and implemented across a variety of markets and industries worldwide. Sertainty is open to collaboration and stands ready to reinforce the security of any global companies and entities seeking solutions emanating from the data layer.


About Sertainty

Sertainty ( is a technology company specializing in embedding intelligence into any type of dataset. Sertainty technology transforms ordinary data that is inherently passive and vulnerable into a self-protecting, self-governing asset that mitigates risk in real-time — modernizing your approach to security and data’s ultimate role in your enterprise. The goal of Sertainty is to prevent theft of intellectual property, proprietary data, and confidential information. The company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.


About Initiativa-SeguriData

Iniciativa Innovacion Mexico is a leading consulting and market maker in the markets of Central America and Mexico. Sergio Garcia-Bulle, the President, was the former Managing Director of AT Kearney, Booz Allen Hamilton, CONOCER, and Unisys.

SeguriData is a world-class Mexican company founded in 1996 and a pioneer in data security innovation through the development and implementation of cryptographic software (PKI). SeguriData specializes in electronic signature solutions, digital certificates, and time stamping. For more information, please visit