CEO Greg Taylor’s View on Data Losses

Some estimates place the value of all US data at $13T and $130T globally.  Monetary estimates alone cannot count the personal or corporate devastation when our data is exploited. Given the financial impact of the recent Corona Virus epidemic, one could easily imagine the effect of a global cyber storm by criminals or anarchists.  Even assuming a much more benign 1% annual global data loss, the impact would be $130B!

In 2009, our scientists at Sertainty dared to imagine scalable methods for making all data immune to exploitation by making it completely self-protecting. In 2020 we are even more excited because the demand has never been higher nor the consequences graver.  We have only begun to penetrate the banking, entertainment, health, and Federal markets as industry capitalize on the significance of our accomplishments.

As a nation, we hate to admit it, but despite enormous efforts and expense, corporate security boundaries are breached every day. The barbarians are inside the gates.  Cybersecurity vendors have given us comforting names like Zero Trust, Role-Based Access, and Privileged Identity Management, but none have stop data exfiltration or exploitation.  That means $B’s of cybersecurity investments fail every day to protect our data.

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