San Marcos, TX – The Connected Infrastructure for Education and Applied Research – CIEDAR – Consortium and its Networking Laboratory and the Ingram School of Engineering – at Texas State University are launching a groundbreaking project that will employ a dual-site system setup and the Sertainty Data Privacy Platform patented technology to transmit smart meter data for real-time AI analysis securely and digital twin monitoring.

Sertainty is pleased to partake in this new research initiative that will incorporate the Sertainty Data Privacy Platform patented technology with AI-based control strategies and machine learning in the context of a bi-directional integration in an IoT and LoRaWAN deployment at the CIEDAR Networking Lab and the Ingram School of Engineering.

Under the leadership of Dr. Damian Valles of the Ingram School of Engineering, this one-year research project has secured a budget to support these efforts. The objective is to leverage digital twin technology and real-time smart metering data from Texas State University’s STAR Park, which will focus on enhancing local energy systems, specifically smart utility meters.

“We are profoundly excited to collaborate with Texas State University’s Ingram School of Engineering, led by the insightful Dr. Damian Valles – a brilliant recruit and protégé of CIEDAR’s Co-Founder Dr. Stan McClellan. Dr. Valles presented an astute proposal for CIEDAR that brilliantly outlines the testing and prospective outcomes for CIEDAR members and the larger community,” said Amir Sternhell, Chief Strategy Officer for Sertainty.

The testing environment was constructed to model an Advanced Meter Infrastructure, with LoRaWAN as the carrier, the Sertainty Data Privacy Platform ensuring protection, and all modeled around a digital twin construct. “This venture underscores our shared vision to lead, innovate, and secure the future of smart utility management,” said Sternhell.

Moreover, the project aims to entwine a smart metering infrastructure with the Sertainty Data Privacy Platform, Long-Range communication, and AI with the aims of generating component optimization, grid analysis, control strategy testing, ensuring data quality, system integration, enhanced security, and a cost-effectiveness assessment.

Furthermore, with the dual-site system setup and the Data Privacy Platform from Sertainty, data will be securely transmitted for real-time AI analysis and digital twin monitoring. Anticipated results comprise AI-driven control strategies, a machine-learning framework, seamless system integration, enhanced security protocols, and utility company cost analysis.

The project team also plans to provide regular updates to the members of CIEDAR, develop a final report, and potentialize additional contributions to academic studies.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity to lead in the integration of these advanced technologies, ultimately revolutionizing utility standards. By addressing challenges such as data quality, system integration, and security, we are setting a benchmark in efficiency and cost-effectiveness,” stated Dr. McClellan.

About Sertainty
Sertainty is a technology company that empowers data with active intelligence and security. The company has been on a mission to transform how data is secured, governed, and monetized. The company’s groundbreaking technology, validated by a 100% score from Veracode, enables data to act as an active participant in its lifecycle. This innovation has positioned Sertainty as a leader in introducing data-level security, a quantum-resistant solution in the zero-trust architecture realm.

Sertainty offers pathways to a future where data is empowered, self-reliant, and self-governing. With embedded active intelligence, the company is redefining data security and management, opening doors to endless opportunities.

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About Texas State University and CIEDAR
Founded in 1899, Texas State University is one of the largest public universities in Texas, with 1,800 faculty, 38,000 students, and 5,100 acres housing two campuses and multiple research labs. TXST is a 10-year Hispanic serving institution with over 50% of the minority student body participating in over 200 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. TXST is the only Texas university to have had a US President as a graduate.

CIEDAR is a multi-disciplinary, connected infrastructure for education, demonstration, and applied research consortium at Texas State University, delivering nine living labs for smart cities, utilities, energy, water & wastewater, buildings & infrastructure, mobility, networks, sensors, and software (AI, ML, Analytics, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Databases, Blockchain, Autonomous X, Control Systems, and more).

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