Nashville, TN – Sertainty Corporation has gained another visionary technology leader, Brad Nadji, who serve as Acting VP of Core Technologies.

Brad’s career spans over thirty years in Networks Design and Architecture, Operations & Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) development and Mobile development, and Technology Strategy and Research fields. Prior to Sertainty, as Senior Vice President, he led AT&T Network design, development and architecture team. He also built the software and infrastructure architectural blueprint while heading the Enterprise Architecture and Research team at AT&T. As Vice President at Blackberry, Brad used his industry expertise and executive skills to build an organization responsible for over a dozen core software systems. Brad also served as the head of one of the most prestigious R&D Labs in the world, AT&T Bell Laboratories. He received his PhD in Computer Science, Electrical/Computer Engineering from University of Southern California. Brad has also served and currently serves on several board of directors and advisory boards.

“Brad joining the Sertainty team is a reflection of how powerful and revolutionary the Sertainty technology is,” says Greg Taylor, Sertainty President and CEO. “He is well known within the industry as an innovative technology strategist and we are honored to have him part of our exemplary advisory board.”

Brad will provide R&D leadership, advising and consulting services for Sertainty and work alongside Greg Smith, inventor of Sertainty self-protecting data. As acting VP of Core Technologies, Sertainty expects Brad will make significant contributions to the product architecture, product simplification, technology roadmap, patent portfolio and ultimately help drive the company valuation.

“Sertainty has the right technology and the correct approach for solving the increasingly complex cyber data security problem. Its technology can help many industries in the IoT, government, financial sector and, in general, businesses and industries needing an unbreakable and robust data security solutions,” explains Brad Nadji. “Sertainty’s unique approach, namely the self-protecting data bundles, provides a significant advantage over the traditional ‘pipe and end-point’ security approaches.”

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