Cybersecurity has become a top priority for organizations across all industries and sectors, forcing data privacy standards to transform. Traditionally, data protection tools functioned by acting as a perimeter around sensitive information to defend against threats. Professionals believed that if they could build adequate security around sensitive data, their information would be protected. However, cyberattackers consistently surpass firewalls, and these measures have proven to be insufficient in the face of ever-evolving threats and malware.

A modern approach to data protection and privacy requires proven solutions backed by industry leaders. Sertainty is reimagining the field of information security with its self-protecting data solutions, which empower individual files and datasets to defend themselves with built-in capabilities for tracking, authentication, rule enforcement, and if need be, self-destruction in the face of unauthorized access. To verify the incredible potential of this advancement and ensure its delivery was of top quality, Sertainty decided to put its platform to the test with Veracode, an unbiased third party.


​​What Is Veracode?

Known as a gold standard in the cybersecurity industry, Veracode is an application security service that works to evaluate and reduce risks in emerging technologies. With exhaustive examinations built for scale, Veracode will rigorously test and verify applications to ensure their effectiveness and privacy for future users.

Leveraging expert security and development teams, Veracode identifies potential application vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Their industry experts help agencies seeking Veracode certifications assure end-to-end protection and consistent policy enforcement in software tools.

Emphasizing a DevSecOps methodology — short for Development, Security, and Operations — Veracode values applications with security tools integrated throughout the development, making privacy a cornerstone of overall functionality. Application-layer attacks are now the most frequent pattern identified in confirmed data breaches, and security solutions must be built at the application layer to combat these threats.

Veracode is committed to providing objective feedback and testing to help protect users and build better applications from their very foundations. Their website states, “Veracode envisions a world where software is developed secure from the start.”


Why Does Third-Party Validation Matter?

As technology advances and becomes more complex, there is a certain amount of hesitance and scrutiny put upon any claims made about innovations. As Veracode noted about decision-makers, “95 percent say that third-party security validation is a critical factor during the software buying process.”

Still, not all applications commit themselves to undergo third-party testing — especially if they are not confident in positive results. Submitting an application to agencies like Veracode is a sign of good faith and credibility. Reputable companies pursue certifications to display their transparency and build trust with potential users that their applications will deliver on promises in a manner that is provable and secure.

Even applications already existing within the cybersecurity space, like the Sertainty platform, should perform such due diligence to ensure product quality and user safety.


Sertainty Undergoes Veracode Testing

In the fall of 2020, the CEO of Sertainty corporation enlisted Veracode to test the efficiency of the Sertainty data protection software and uncover any vulnerabilities within the system. The goal was to alleviate any concerns that the cutting-edge solutions from Sertainty could live up to their goals and deliver the fundamental data protection promised in their platform.

Veracode performed a barrage of tests to ensure the software from Sertainty was functioning properly, including the Static Application and Security Testing (SAST) and Manual Penetration Test (MPT). These tests are designed to find vulnerabilities from all angles through the enforcement of security guidelines.


A form of automated testing, SAST runs on Veracode’s native cloud engine to examine code and conduct a full policy scan before an application is deployed. Potential vulnerabilities are identified by priority to address weak points in order of their security impact. Policies are evaluated on a simple pass/fail basis to erase gray areas and uncertainty, promoting a fundamentally more reliable application.

MPT follows the thorough analysis of a SAST evaluation by introducing a human element. As Veracode acknowledges, “Some security testing just can’t be automated. In the end, the only way to know for sure is to perform a manual penetration test.” In particular, MPT is ideal for identifying and testing the exploitation of certain flaws that can go undetected by automated processes, such as cross-site request forgery or business logic vulnerabilities. By employing an expert MPT team to examine applications after SAST, Veracode ensures that nothing slips through the cracks during their security trials.


Sertainty Achieves the Highest Possible Veracode Ranking

When Veracode’s comprehensive SAST and MPT protocols were enacted on Sertainty technology, the results spoke for themselves. After thorough vetting, the Sertainty Unbreakable eXchange Protocol (UXP) received a VL5 with a 100% score from the Veracode security assessment. These results represent the highest possible marks awarded by Veracode’s team, verifying that Sertainty solutions enforce the strictest security policies currently available. 

This third-party assurance validates the Sertainty privacy solution and positions the company as a leader in the cybersecurity sector.


The Sertainty Data Privacy Solution

Operating on a foundation of defense, authentication, governance, and tracking, Sertainty effectively empowers data to protect itself, even in the case of a security breach. Eliminating the need to rely on outmoded perimeter security models, the proven Sertainty privacy approach uses a zero-trust principle to demand continuous authentication for data access. As demonstrated by the impeccable results from Veracode’s testing, these revolutionary measures are a reliable strategy for companies to take data privacy into their own hands.

Data security is no longer a luxury for any business, no matter how large or small. Now, organizations seeking to work with trustworthy partners in the cybersecurity sector can rest assured that Sertainty provides verified, best-in-class privacy solutions.

For more information on ensuring data privacy for your organization, contact the Sertainty team about our Veracode-tested UXP.