Sertainty is pleased to celebrate one of its most rewarding long-term partnerships, marking five years of working with the technology developers at Transformations, Inc. (TI).

A quintessential “first adopter,” TI partnered with Sertainty early on, inspired by the potential of the Sertainty vision. Self-protecting data was, and still is, an innovative idea with versatile applications, which TI was eager to implement. Uluro, the TI dedicated customer communications management (CCM) platform, was the first product suite to integrate the Sertainty Software Development Kit (SDK.)

In the years since, not only have the original terms of the partnership helped support the secure architecture underpinning Uluro, but TI and Sertainty have continued working closely together to develop entirely new features for the platform. Using the Sertainty SDK, TI was able to build new software modules while implementing data privacy solutions from the very foundations.


Uluro – Empowered by Sertainty

Data security has become a recognized need as more businesses move operations into the digital space, and CCM solutions are no exception. The functionalities of Uluro are predicated on privacy, driving the initial partnership with Sertainty into the present day and beyond. Uluro offers provable and customizable security solutions as a critical component of the product suite offering to ensure top-quality performance and value for TI clients. With Sertainty technology integrated at its core, Uluro can promise privacy solutions such as:

  • Secure sharing of sensitive documents (including those governed under HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and CCPA)
  • End-to-end encryption in data files, which can be processed without removing security measures
  • Personalization that allows the data owner to define their own rules regarding access, expiration, and shredding of data
  • Minimization of Uluro users’ exposure to compliance violations and fines
  • Comprehensive document tracking and audit capabilities of all data access and use

By enabling TI to integrate these generous data protection measures, Sertainty helped establish Uluro in a unique niche, empowering business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) capabilities unmatched by any other CCM tool on the market. Not only has this deepened the relationship between TI and their customer base, but it has also presented them with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Through this longstanding partnership, Sertainty and TI have taken conceptual data solutions and developed them into real-world applications, exemplifying the adaptability and deep potential of Sertainty technology. No longer a risk for first adopters but now a proven partner in good standing, Sertainty is prepared for opportunities to implement its versatile data security innovations for new partners across industries.


Beyond CCM: The Broad Application Potential of Sertainty Solutions

When we speak about data security, we are no longer discussing a narrow field of relevant industries. With the meteoric rise in digitization across sectors, the need for data privacy now has far-reaching relevance.

Regulated and Government Industries

Regulated industries are among the most immediate and urgently required recipients of new data protection technologies. Businesses and agencies in this vein — such as those in healthcare, public utilities, local or federal government, finance, education, or the legal field — tend to deal heavily in sensitive data. This data can include Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of employees, staff, or patients; legal records and documents; medical histories; transcripts; account numbers and financial statements; or classified reports.

However, while agencies in these fields may seem like the most obvious candidates to be early adopters of advanced data solutions, many lag behind, leaving their documents and databases vulnerable to malicious parties. The frequency and scope of cyberattacks and data breaches are increasing yearly, compounding this lack of modern security into a precipitous disaster-in-the-making.

To illustrate the point, 2020 saw record-breaking data breaches targeting healthcare organizations, particularly in the form of ransomware. Throughout the year, as many as 560 ransomware attacks affected healthcare providers, resulting in an estimated cost of $20.8 billion. In total, 70% of surveyed hospitals reported experiencing a “significant security incident” that year.

It is clear that these highly targeted — and for hackers, highly lucrative — industries require security solutions beyond the traditional. Any firewall can eventually be breached, rendering data leaks almost inevitable. With the Sertainty standard of self-protecting data, now proven in real-world applications through partnerships like Transformations Inc., sensitive PII, and other data files can be empowered to track, monitor, and defend themselves. 

Private Corporations

While regulated industries and government agencies have long been primary targets for cyberthreats, private companies are increasingly in the crosshairs. Not only are they becoming more desirable for ransomware attacks, but the growing surge of remote and hybrid work models has flooded accessible networks with a goldmine of vulnerable data.

Many companies store PII on employees, stakeholders, and even clients. In addition, they may be targeted for corporate espionage in the form of illicitly accessed data, including such files as proprietary research, product specifications, financial reports, or planning documents.

As such, the revolutionary data privacy solutions offered by Sertainty have a broad application beyond the public and regulated sectors. Sertainty is also well-positioned to support the security needs of private organizations in various fields. With security built directly into data, companies can rest assured that their sensitive information is inaccessible to unauthorized users from end to end — no matter where or when an attack might happen.


Security That’s Certain with Sertainty

With the advent of the digital age, no organization is exempt from the need for robust data protection. Whether your agency is entrenched in communications like the team at Transformations, Inc., struggling to comply with privacy guidelines in a regulated industry, or simply hoping to avert potential data breaches and security crises before they arise, Sertainty privacy solutions are a comprehensive answer to your data protection needs.

Regardless of industry, Sertainty understands that information is the most valuable asset of any business. That’s why Sertainty fosters data security that is specific, provable, and manageable, safeguarding your property by building privacy intelligence directly into your data.

The Sertainty data privacy platform empowers your data to defend, govern, and track itself in any environment. So even if the traditional measures of application, network, and infrastructure security fail, your privacy isn’t compromised.

As digitization continues to become the standard and growing cyber threats continue to exploit network vulnerabilities, no company can afford to be left behind in the race for reliable data security. If you, like TI, are in need of a reliable security partnership, you can stay on the cutting edge of data privacy solutions with Sertainty.

For more information on our self-protecting data and other security solutions, contact a member of the Sertainty team today.