Former Booz Allen Hamilton VP Becomes CEO and President of Sertainty Federal Systems

Nashville, TN – Sertainty Corporation expanded its footprint by creating Sertainty Federal Systems, a subsidiary focused on servicing the Federal Government and Department of Defense.  In the process, they succeeded in landing Mr. Eric Rickard, a former Booz Allen Hamilton Vice President and industry leader in cybersecurity innovations.

The newly formed subsidiary of Sertainty Corporation is dedicated to providing federal customers assured data communications security and integrity with the patented Sertainty UXP Technology.

“Our Vision, at Sertainty, is to establish a new standard toward data-layer protection ensuring the safety of our nation’s intellectual property and enabling organizations to both protect and monetize valuable information without compromising performance or privacy,” says Greg Taylor, CEO & President of Sertainty Corporation. “Sertainty Federal Systems is an example of our long-term commitment to ensuring our nation protects its most valuable data. Hiring Eric to lead that effort was a marriage of leadership and technology.  It did not take him long to realize the potential of our technology and it didn’t take us long to see the value of his leadership.”

“While at Booz Allen, I began tracking Sertainty as an emerging cybersecurity solution for the US Government’s most compelling challenge – absolutely and permanently protecting their most sensitive data,” says Rickard. “I was flattered to be offered the CEO position because only Sertainty has a proven capability to absolutely and permanently protect data.”

“As a corporate executive, Mr. Rickard is a career technologist and innovator with extensive relationships across academia, the Silicon Valley and Washington DC,” says Taylor. “As a veteran Defense and Federal systems executive and having served two US Government appointments at the National Security Agency and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Eric Rickard has an enormous wealth of military and intelligence expertise.”

Since 2008, Mr. Rickard served as Vice President of Strategic Cyber Innovations at Booz Allen Hamilton, focusing primarily on resiliency of cyber-physical systems and Internet-scale cyber simulation.  Prior to Booz Allen he served in two roles as Director of R&D and Director of International Cyber Customer Innovations at Raytheon. He was instrumental in leading the growth of both company’s cybersecurity businesses.

For more information on the growing team at Sertainty, visit www.sertainty.com/expertise.


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