David McCampbell Joins Sertainty to Help Build its Developer Community

Nashville, TN– Sertainty Corporation expands its team to focus on the developer community.

David McCampbell was Sr. VP of Cloud Services at ABB Enterprise Software and took time off to provide dedicated care for certain members of his family.  David joined Sertainty in May to help the Company build a Developer’s Community and manage those relationships.

McCampbell brings to Sertainty more than 30 years of experience as a global senior leader in software development, infrastructure, security, support, and operations. He has been in leadership roles such as a CTO, CIO, General Manager, Vice President, and Director in publicly traded and private equity-backed companies. McCampbell is experienced in building, scaling, and sustaining teams, processes, and technologies required to deliver secure software, operational services, and transformations in domestic and international organizations. His experience is across a wide variety of markets such as power generation, utilities, nuclear power, healthcare, internet commercial cash management, and an assortment of businesses such as cable pay-per-view ordering for Comcast and Time Warner, credit card authorizations for American Express, labor-management for Wal-Mart and global operations for a South Korean owned tea company.

“People make the difference in everything we do and are the reason why a company is successful or not,” says McCampbell.  “The team at Sertainty is who I want to work with and why I joined.”

This position, Customer Support, and Developer Relations, is new at Sertainty, and McCampbell’s primary responsibility will be to accelerate the adoption of the Sertainty SDK within the developer community. Toward that end, Sertainty is partnering with Atlanta Tech Park to participate in the ATL CYBER-FIN 2019 Global Innovation Challenge. The event will take place on September 17-18 and gives developers an opportunity to win $10,000 for the best utilization of the Sertainty UXP Technology.

“Cybersecurity evolves daily, requiring innovation to defend digital assets, which is sought after to be breached. The Sertainty UXP Technology empowers data for increased security. Working with this outstanding team is where I want to be,” says McCampbell.

“Our Company is focused on providing developers a new foundation from which to build. By embedding intelligence into the data-file, we believe our data-focused technology platform and tools make it possible for developers to resolve data loss and defeat the insider threat,” says Robin Bienfait, Advising Chief Technology Officer for Sertainty.  “We are pleased to have David McCampbell join our growing team and we are excited to evangelize this technology within the developer community.”

For more information on the team at Sertainty, visit sertainty.com/expertise.

To learn more about the ATL CYBER-FIN 2019 Global Innovation Challenge visit atlcyberfin2019.eventtitans.com.


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